Huang Ryan
Iron Pouring ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Iron pouring is one of the most beginner-friendly forms of metalwork and requires little skill so long as one has access/ability to melt iron. Anyone can carve a design into a scratch block, from children to adults, it just requires a little creativity and planning. Naturally it only made sense for me to have an iron version of the family name! The Process 1. When designing an iron plate, you scratch a relief into a sand mold known as a scratch block. 2. Melting & pouring iron from the crucible. 3. Cooling! 4. Break up the mold and reveal the plate!
Pictures of the 4 steps in creating my iron plate! Silver Working ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Silver working tends to be a more involved process than pouring iron. As opposed to iron scratch blocks where we immediately create the negative space, with silver we first create a positive in wax (along with channels for the metal to travel called "sprues") before investing it into a mold. After burning out the wax, we are left with the negative space in which we can pour the molten metal before dousing it in water, removing the piece from the investment, and then cleaning and polishing it! Check out some of the custom jewelry I've made for friends! Bronze Casting ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Coming Soon!